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...My body has firmed up. I have much more flexibility and my energy level is up. Naturally, the fact that my dress size and weight is down contributes to my strong feeling that I must stick with this program. – Mary D.

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    Body Composition Improvement (BCI)™  
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What is BCI?

Changes to your body composition may include some or all of the following measurement types:

  1. Weight reduction (preferred over more traditional “Weight Loss” due to the implication that if you lose it you might find it again) – Also known as scale weight.

  2. Body fat reduction

  3. Increases in lean muscle mass (typically improved strength)

  4. Body Mass Index (BMI) decreases

    Circumference measure changes (inches lost):
    • Waist to hip ratio changes (research shows that people who carry more weight in their belly than their hips tend to be at higher risk for developing additional health problems)
    • Additional measure sites may include arm, chest,  thigh

  5. Clothing fit changes – one of first things clients notice is a sudden loosening of clothes.
    Warning: wardrobe items may suddenly begin to fit better


Who can help you achieve optimal BCI?

Fitness on the Move Professional Trainers are fully certified and trained in BCI analysis methods.

  1. Stepping clients through the process of reaching their own, personal best body composition

  2. Guiding, encouraging, and rewarding successes for BCI.

  3. Administering accountability systems to keep clients on-track.

  4. Reducing the risk of injury or accident.


What is BCI? How does BCI work?

  • We first determine if you need a BCI program:
    1. Use the BMI calculator ( or see your physician for a physical to identify if you should consider our BCI program.
    3. Your BCI Analysis meeting with a Certified, Professional, FOM trainer- Get a free consultation with a Fitness on the Move trainer to have a professional review your body composition and to create realistic, reachable goals.

    4. Create a weekly/monthly plan to get you to your BCI goals-Fitness on the Move offers customized training sessions and customized fitness programs to ensure your wellness activities are optimally effective.
        Complete Weight Loss is Fitness and Nutrition. Click on the names for more.