Fitting Your Lifestyle
Fitness on the Move Co-owner

Tiffany has over 7 years of fitness industry and business experience and an impressive training career that ranges from working with corporations with over 3000 employees to small group and one-on-one fitness training and motivation.

She works on taking organizations and clients from their initial fitness challenges and concerns to fully functional, healthy and for many, all the way to a new level of being fitness committed.


She has been featured in many local publications, is well known for her dynamic speaking presentations and ability to motivate all types of populations, as well as creating completely new and unique fitness and wellness programs.

Her latest venture, Fitness on the Move has one major focus and that is to help individuals, busy business owners and organizational leaders to implement strategies that will directly increase health, energy and in the end productivity and longevity . . . without compromising a fun lifestyle!

Are you ready to get your “Fitness on the Move”?

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