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I've been working out with Tammy & Tiffany for about a year now. Although I have trained before, I have never been as challenged. They both are marvelous in their creative inventiveness to come up with new routines and super size them so that those of us who are advanced remain challenged. They also are always sensitive when I tell them that I'm injured or not to par on a particular workout day and they find ways to train me without causing undue injury. They are also knowledgeable in yoga techniques and they combine these with strength training throughout their workouts. Certainly FITNESS ON THE MOVE, INC. is at the forefront of today's training technology. Kudos!

We have been using FITNESS ON THE MOVE, INC. at our office for the past year or so. We train with Tammy or Tiffany one day a week during our lunch break. They are fantastic and so are our workouts! Every week we have a different workout, which helps to keep things interesting. Each week I look forward to our sessions and learning something new. I think one of the most beneficial aspects of using FITNESS ON THE MOVE, INC. is the variety of functional exercises. We use a mix of balance balls, bands, balance discs, weights, and our own body weight in our workouts.

Every workout is physically challenging, fun, and invigorating. I have been able to use what I learned from them and apply it to my own personal workouts at home. I love that they are able to adjust the workout to our increasing abilities and different skill levels. The results have been amazing. I have noticed not only improved strength and stability, but also an increase in my endurance. These ladies know what they are doing!!! They are professional, fun to work with, and very responsible. It has been a pleasure working with them in the past year and I look forward to the years to come.

I had my third son five months ago, but this was the first pregnancy that I had worked out during and it definitely made a big difference. The pre-natal classes I took through FITNESS ON THE MOVE, INC. allowed me to have much more energy than in the past and, after my third consecutive C-section, definitely contributed to a swifter recovery after.

I went back to FITNESS ON THE MOVE, INC. after the baby was born and took Tiffany's postnatal class. It really helped to get me back in the groove of working out and got me well on the way to losing my baby weight. Tiffany and Tammy are great motivators who really make working out fun.

For the past year Tammy has been my personal trainer. I'm a 41-year-old mother of two active boys. My goal was to improve my fitness level to keep up with the kids! Not only have I been able to bike ride longer and faster than my 13 year old (who loves to snowboard, skateboard, and mountain bike), I've improved my internal health as well. My cholesterol was 197. Now it's 165 with a 2.7 Total Chol/HDL ratio. Tammy is very professional, dependable, patient and fair, and a lot of fun to work with too. She challenges me with a creative, unique and thoughtful workout every time - I never get bored and I'm always working hard. She is an excellent personal trainer and I wholeheartedly recommend her.

If you need a physical fitness program at your company or a personal fitness trainer, I want to recommend this company, FITNESS ON THE MOVE, INC.. They provide fitness (energizing, relaxation) programs to fit your company’s schedule and needs, much needed in this troubling time.

Tammy and her partner Tiffany were/are my exercise/Yoga instructors and I can vouch for their integrity, exercise/fitness knowledge and caring attitude.

Tammy of FITNESS ON THE MOVE, INC. has helped me tremendously toward reaching my fitness goals. I've been working with her for 16 months and the results are dramatic. When I first started working with her, I had low energy, nagging backaches and was lacking strength and muscle tone. She developed a plan that has nearly eliminated my backaches, my energy level has increased, and my strength and muscle tone are vastly improved. Tammy is very encouraging and develops routines specific for her clients' goals and fitness level. Because of her training and support, working out has become part of my routine and I look forward to my workouts!

FITNESS ON THE MOVE, INC. has been training me for over two years. Thank you for the difference you have made in my life. Not only have you gotten me into shape, you bring a smile to every session and an ear to let me vent my day-to-day issues. You motivate me when I get lazy, work around my changing schedule, guide me in my eating habits and laugh at my corny jokes. I will always appreciate how you have helped me.

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