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FITNESS ON THE MOVE, INC. offers a variety of programs to fit individual needs including: cardiovascular improvement, muscle strengthening, yoga and flexibility, as well as relaxation and stress reduction training. We offer instruction for all levels and special populations including pre/post natal and back to fit. Our mission is to bring wellness wherever and whenever its needed, motivating and supporting you, your friends, and family to achieve maximum fitness potential.

Mix & Match – From 30 to 60 minutes - our programs are designed to enhance all levels of fitness.

  1. Special Populations – Pre/post natal, seniors, Multiple Sclerosis, FibroMyalgia Syndrome, Osteoporosis – other conditions can also be helped by participating in a gentle fitness program. See your Physician and then give us a call.

  2. Energizing Everyone – Jump up out of your chair, grab your sneakers, and come join us for High Energy, Motion and FUN! Depending on participant’s level different techniques are used including kick boxing, plyometrics, and hi/lo aerobics to name a few.

  3. Flex Time – Does your body look like a question mark? We'll demonstrate techniques for unfolding into an exclamation point! Yoga/flexibility.

  4. Muscle Meeting – Join the ultimate meeting. Purpose: Energize your muscles! But don’t even think about bench-pressing you’re pets; we supply weights and bands instead.

  5. Circuit Training – A very efficient workout, you get a combination of cardiovascular and muscle strengthening all in one session – WOW!

  6. Relaxation Retreat – No time for a vacation? Come refresh your mind and body with our relaxation retreat.

  7. Back to Fit – a gentle reconditioning session designed for those considering a return to exercise. Haven’t exercised in a long time? We will safely guide you through your fitness journey.

  8. Boot Camp – for the gym fit. The mother of all workouts!

  9. Splish Splash – Do you have pool access? Let us come show you how to get your muscles movin’ in the water.

  10. Individual Fitness Training – personal training available upon request. As an employee reward or incentive this is a wonderful option.
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